über European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

The FRA helps to make sure that the European Union and national governments respect fundamental rights. It carries out research projects looking at European Union law and national law, as well as the day to day lives of people living across the 28 member countries. It then identifies ways in which rights are being protected successfully and suggests areas for improvement.

Our Facebook policy

The FRA Facebook page aims to provide a broad platform for diverse opinions and discussions. We invite everyone to post links and comments to our page. However, we will not accept comments and links which are in any way offensive towards other people or groups.

We therefore ask you to respect other page users and refrain from using insulting, obscene or abusive language. We will not accept any form of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, religion-based discrimination etc, and we reserve the right to delete comments and block users if necessary. This also applies to spam attacks.

This page is managed by the FRA Documentation and Online Communication team, part of the Communication and Outreach Department at the Agency in Vienna. To contact the FRA spokesperson, see the media page () on our website.

The contents of the Wall, Discussion Board, and other areas open for posts on the FRA Facebook page may include text submitted by individual Facebook members and as such do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the FRA.

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