Montag, 07. November 2016, Mühlebachstrasse 180, Zürich, UFUTSAL Temporal Player

Von 07. November 2016 - 20:00
Bis 01. Januar 2020 - 22:00

Mühlebachstrasse 180, Zürich

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Apologies for the short notice.

One of the teams on UGamma Indoor League in Zürich needs a temporal player for Monday due to gap of player.
Monday, 20/21h in Zürich city close to Stadelhofen.

Places are limited based on the gaps of the teams. 
Is free of cost, 0 CHF.

Once registered, we will contact you and we will give you the full details.

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In case you cannot register, it means somebody has been been quicker than you :)

The reason why you are receiving this mail is because you are part of our WaitList. 
In case you want to be removed from this mails , please, let us know.

You can visit also our web and Facebook for more information of the League.

Thanks a lot.

UFUTSAL Temporal Player , Mühlebachstrasse 180, Zürich ereignis

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