Dienstag, 26. Februar 2019, Tchibo, Science to Data Science: PhDs and M.Sc. moving to industry & startups

Von 26. Februar 2019 - 17:30 Bis 20:30


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“The problem for AI in Europe is not the money, it is finding the talent” (Leading European AI practitioner)
Data Science, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence constitute the fastest growing job market for the very highly qualified. This workshop offers you the following:

Guidance: How do I find out if a career in data analytics or data science is right for me?
A customizable roadmap for completing the transition in 6 to 9 months
Tips and tricks on approaching the labor market and hiring managers 

Target participants 
Any Ph.D. or Postdoc or Master student with a numerate background - e.g. STEM, statistics, econometrics - that is curious about the opportunities in the industry and in startups.

>500 screenings and interviews of aspiring data analysts and data scientists
A national event series in e.g. Berlin, Bonn, Freiburg, Göttingen, Hamburg, Hannover, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Köln, Mainz, Stuttgart, Tübingen
>100 re-written CVs and behind-the-scenes cooperation with hiring managers & recruiters

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The host
Workshop lead
Dr. Chris Armbruster is a co-founder of 10,000 Data Scientists for Europe. Earlier, he helped roll out digital infrastructures for the 80 Max Planck Institutes, while also researching postdoc careers.
Workshop structure
Workshop objective 
The objective is to empower workshop participants to pursue a career in the Data & AI professions. A customizable roadmap is offered for a successful transition.
What is a career in Data Science or Data Analytics?
Based on a large number of Ph.D. and Master talents that have become Data Scientists or Data Analysts we explore careers options and job opportunities.

The industry-ready CV for Data Analytics and Data Science
Examples and stories 
Interactive Q&A

The roadmap to getting hired
In an ‘Ask Me Anything’ format we query the four essential milestones of the career transition a) exploration of the field; b) domain orientation; c) skills gap analysis and training; d) career start.

Roadmap for the transition
Interactive Q&A

Trends in employment, startups, and industry
Data on job growth, startup funding, and industry trends are presented. Moreover, data on starting and median salaries have also been collected by a variety of independent sources.

Presentation of data and trends
Final Q&A

Science to Data Science: PhDs and M.Sc. moving to industry & startups, Tchibo ereignis

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