Dienstag, 19. März 2019, Kreuzberg, Happy Hypno Birthing - "The magic dial" (Hypnobirthing Class in English)

Von 19. März 2019 - 18:30 Bis 21:00


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"The Magic Dial" - Happy Hypno BirthingYour effective method to reduce and minimize labour pain - even if you have never done it before!- A bullet proven method that anyone can learn and use
Would you like to minimize labour pain? Would you like to feel relaxed and calm during labour?Would you like to instinctively know how to move and what to do?
For all of you who want to mentally prepare themselves in the perfect way for the upcoming birth join me in the open module of my programm "Happy Hypno Birthing" and learn how to effectively reduce and minimize pain.I am excited to share our module "The Magic Dial". Let me share a technique that has been around since the 50´s and has successfully helped people all over the world. Transfer anesthesia from your hand to any body parts to reduce pain and discomfort during labour and even after. Stay deeply relaxed and calm during any stage of your labour of love. If you want to be in charge and learn how to create your anesthesia, then this module is for you! It feels great being in charge of your pain management. Use your magic dial and turn the volume down. Get a helpful skill for the rest of your life. 
Join me This is the first time Hypnobirthing modules are taught in an open group.You can book as many modules as you like or even join our "Happy Hypno Birthing" weekend class.If you have missed one of the modules please get in touch with me: info@ of you will only book one or two or even all four modules as an addition to courses you might have taken already. I am excited to share what I have learned works best in the past 13 years as a UK trained hypnotherapist, hypnobirth practitioner and NLP trainer. Just a few weeks ago I have shared my insights on the World Congress of Medical Hypnosis in Montreal. Join me now to get into your Happy Birthing MInd. 
No matter what thoughts you have - You can change the movie in your head!

Dates:Tuesday 19th March 2019
6.30 pm to 9.00 pm
Location:Praxis VivreSolmsstraße 12, Kreuzberg
FEE:€ 50 per participantConditions: Please understand that we will have to charge a cancellation fee of € 100 for couples and € 50 for single participants.

Happy Hypno Birthing - "The magic dial" (Hypnobirthing Class in English) , Kreuzberg ereignis

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