Sonntag, 17. März 2019, studio dB, Certified Sound Therapist Practitioner

Von 17. März 2019 - 15:00 Bis 21:00

studio dB

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Certified Sound Therapist Practitioner - 1st Level'' - M.S.A.V. method (Vibrational Harmonic Sound Massage)Descriptions:The course includes a total of 30 hours divided into five sessions which will take place on a monthly basis on Sunday afternoons at Studio dB from 15.00 to 21.00. **Each session will end with a sound bath time where the techniques studied in the first part of the session will be applied to the users.The training course is open to everyone and are of special interest to integrative physicians, holistic nurses and counselors, bodywork the end of the sound bath, each time an aperitif will be offered to participants who can stay in the venue to enjoy drinks and listen to live act of downtempo electronic music curated by the label Pregnant find below the costs to register:- 30 hrs training course to became a Certified Sound Therapist Practitioner - 1st Level - including the lecture notes and the final certificate - 200€* To be eligible for the certificate is necessary to attend the 75% of the course- Entry to a single 6-hour session with a final sound bath, aperitif and performative live acts - 40€- Entry to the final sound bath plus aperitif and performative live acts - 10€Topics covered:- Theoretical references on the use of sound in therapy, from pioneers to modern applications- The body as an intermediary tool between myself and the others.- Body Percussions- Use of the drum in the sound / vibrational massage- Communication techniques through the voice and harmonic singing- Bio Tuning (Harmonic Tuning through the Resonance Phenomenon)- Use of Tibetan bells-Gong and ancestral instruments in the sound / vibrational massageTutors:Angelo Gramaglia (Certified Music Therapist, founder of M.S.A.V. method)Simone Gatto (Sound Therapist)Sound bath sessions performer and co-conductor: Andrea SantoroPregnant Void performers:Francesco DevincentiMassimo AmatoCleptophonicPlastic Glasses**Some dates could shift according to shared needs

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