Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2019, TONS Berlin- Yoga, Movement, Treatments, Vinyasa yoga and meditation with Freja

Von 14. Februar 2019 - 18:00 Bis 19:30

TONS Berlin- Yoga, Movement, Treatments

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My aim with these classes is to create a practice that will bring vitality, nourishment and strength to your body and mind. This through challenging your self by going as deep as the body allows and through moving fluently with your breath. I will also play some uplifting, modern, classical and yogic music that will support your movements. Even though the classes are dynamic the pace will still be kept slow enough for you to find healthy alignment through instructions I will give. 
The yoga asanas (poses) was originally designed to be a ‘preparation’ for meditation by relaxing and focusing the minds. In these classes I will make special use of this quality and conclude our practise with a ten minute meditation that I will guide you into. 

Who can come?
The class is for everyone interested in learning about yoga and meditaiton. The class is both suited for beginners and people with yoga experience

The classes are taught in english 
(questions can be asked in German)

Visit the studios webpage:

How do I get there?

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The studio is about 5 minutes walk from Gesundbrunnen
U8 GesundbrunnenS42/41 & S1Bus N7, 247, RE5

What are the facilities?
Yoga mats, blankets, belts and blocks, meditation pillows, showers, changing room, bathrooms, hot tea!

Is there something I need to bring?
Just ware sports clothes where you can move comfortably
How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
You can contact me on e-mail: for any questions

Vinyasa yoga and meditation with Freja, TONS Berlin- Yoga, Movement, Treatments ereignis

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