Donnerstag, 07. März 2019, EF Stutgart, Hult E-class in Stuttgart with Olaf Groth– Solomon’s Code: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machine

Von 07. März 2019 - 18:30 Bis 22:00

EF Stutgart

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You’re invited to listen to Hult Professor Olaf Groth as he discuss the content of his new book Solomon’s Code: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines. Dont have the book yet? If you're a Hult active applicant we will  be providing a courtesy book at this event, if you wish to receive it , let us know in advance on this e-mail .
Prof Groth’s and Dr Nitzberg’s book "Solomon’s Code” demonstrates — via a synthesis of 100 interviews and the help of 30+ HULT students and alumni around the world -- how the Cognitive Era is upon us, how thinking machines (“AI”) are changing power, values and trust in and across societies, and how we all need to prepare for symbio-intelligence between machines and humans. AI will change the way you work, compete, forge relationships and live your life. Through vivid examples and future life scenarios, the authors seek to send an important message about enabling ordinary people to get a seat at the table, side by side with business leaders, government policy makers and scientists, as we negotiate our digital future. This includes a proposal for a multi-stakeholder Cambrian Congress that will craft a Digital Magna Carta for the Cognitive Era.
We are proud to bring this content to you go help you prepare for the Cognitive Era.
Register below to gain an insight into how Professor Olaf Groth utilize our award-winning curriculum to challenge the thinking of our students and help to prepare them for an uncertain future workplace.
Event agenda:
6:30 pm - Registration and Welcome
7:00 pm - Class with Prof. Olaf Growth
8:00 pm- Learn more about Hult
8:30 pm - Networking with Hult team and Alumni
About the speaker:
Prof. Olaf Groth is the co-author of "Solomon’s Code: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines” (Pegasus Books, November 6th, 2019). He is a Professor of Strategy, Innovation and Economics and Program Director for Disruption Futures at HULT International Business School. He is also Founder and CEO of Cambrian LLC (, a thinktank for global foresight and strategy in the 4th Industrial Revolution and Society 5.0. Dr. Groth serves as Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley’s Roundtable on the International Economy, Member of the Global Expert Network of the World Economic Forum, Adviser to the AI Global Governance Commission of the UK All-Parliament Group on AI and to a few early and late stage companies. Prior to his advisory, thought-leadership and teaching work, he was a hi-tech executive building new ventures internationally for many years. Dr. Groth earned Bachelor’s, professional Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in international business/economics, policy and diplomacy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and the Fletcher School at Tufts University, in addition to training at Harvard, Georgetown, Berkeley and the Center for Creative Leadership.

Hult E-class in Stuttgart with Olaf Groth– Solomon’s Code: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machine, EF Stutgart ereignis

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