Donnerstag, 25. April 2019, Outfittery GmbH, Chatbots: a Story of Automation & Productionisation

Von 25. April 2019 - 18:30 Bis 20:30

Outfittery GmbH

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Hot topics alert! We're discussing chatbots, the definition of AI, and its operationalisation with Yura Okulovsky, Senior Data Scientist at Outfittery, and Sofiane Fessi, Solutions Architect at #1 - Lessons from Creating a ChatbotThe chat bots are the powerful tools to automate interactions with customers. Unfortunately, in some cases they become a disaster, draining money and development time. The talk helps to avoid this scenario, exposing some of the misconceptions and misunderstandings about chat bots, their "intelligence", and ways to implement Okulovsky, Senior Data Scientist at Outfittery:Yura graduated from Ural Federal University with a PhD in mathematics and computer science, and started working as a researcher in machine learning and robotics. She later became a software developer and data scientist in Russia and recently moved to Germany to delve into natural language processing and applied data #2: The Operationalisation ChallengeThis talk reviews the key requirements to keep in mind when working on your design-to-deployment pipeline, and underlines the specificities of data science projects. Are the type of skills, which are required to build the model, those that you need in order to deliver great business value?Sofiane Fessi, Solution Architect at Dataiku:Sofiane works with clients to maximise the impact Dataiku can have to their organisation. Before joining Dataiku, he honed his data science skills in digital marketing, working with leading international and UK brands such as Adidas, BMW, Tesco, and PM: Pizza, beer, & networking7:00 PM: Talk by Yura Okulovsky, Senior Data Scientist at Outfittery7:30 PM: Tak by Sofiane Fessi, Solution Architect at Dataiku8:00 PM: More beer & networking

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