Sonntag, 05. Mai 2019, Home workshop , Ring Making Course

Von 05. Mai 2019 - 10:00 Bis 14:00

Home workshop

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Design and create your own dream ring in wax and have it realised in sterling silver through lost wax casting process and sent home to you when its been finished. This takes about a week in processing time.
Experience the fun and exciting of learning and making your own ring design during a 4 hours workshop in a small group with max 6 other people. Guidance by me Tina, Im a trained jewellery designer / maker who live and breath jewellery making in all forms and what everyone to experience the fun and great medium of wax carving.
Coffee, tea and snacks will be available to stay focused and creative. 
Casting cost, metal cost and shipping is not included in the workshop price but average about 55 CHF per attendee. Might be more for big chunky rings for example men's rings. 

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