Montag, 22. April 2019, Berlin, How to Manifest $10,000 Quickly, with Spiritual Alignment, Grace & Ease (Instant Access)

Von 22. April 2019 - 20:00 Bis 22:00


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Learn to Manifest $10,000 Quickly, with Spiritual Alignment, Grace & Ease


Yes, Manifesting $10,000 (per month!) can be Easy, Graceful, & of course, Spiritually Aligned. 

In this course (which you'll receive instant access to), I'll reveal all the details and secrets of my personal 7 step process...
The process that finally took me over the $10K mark in a month, and continues to bring me $10K per month with fully-aligned grace and ease. 


Trust me, manifesting this amount of money is not that hard. ;)
 $10K months can be effortless and consistent for you, too.


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Here's what you'll learn in this 1.5+ hour video course:

 The exact process that took me into $10K months (I'll tell you everything you need to know)
 How to connect to and embody Source Energy, which is your True Source of Wealth 
 The exact way to "think" about money so you're aligned with attracting it
 Exactly how to energetically vibrate with creating $10K months
 The very specific actions for you to take to create this type of money
 The necessary steps to embody the energy of $10K months
 Exactly what to do everyday to make this your reality
 Why most people will never make type of money (and how to not be one of those people)
 Exactly what keeps you stuck at your current income level (and how to up-level)
 How to create good-vibe money that serves the world
 An easy to follow process to avoid overwhelm, fear, dread or confusion
 How to stop sabotaging your ability to make a lot of money!
 How to manifest beyond $10K months (into 6 figures and beyond... this process if fully repeatable!)


Are you ready to easily manifest $10,000, month after month?
If so, then join this exclusive training now.
***PRICE REDUCED TO 90% OFF (Normally $997, NOW: $99)!!

You'll receive Instant Access (the link will be sent to you in the confirmation email via Eventbrite - check your email directly after you purchase) so you can start manifesting $10,000 (and beyond!) right away. 

With Abundant Love, Shelly BullardManifesting Expert & Spiritual Teacher

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