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UPCOMING DATES:1st - 31st July 2019Mondays and Wednesdays19:30 – 21:30h
All programs will be in English.
LEVEL:All levels
DURATION:One month
MATERIAL:All materials used during the course will be provided.
PROGRAM FEE:Total: 295€


**IMPORTANT** Please register with the student’s name and current email address where we can reach you! (You will be directed to PayPal after registration, where you can use any PayPal account to transfer the fee.)

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And finally its summer. Summer means lots of sun, wind, open air, music, friends, park, bar-b-q, picnic, etc. Summer is very vibrant. colorful and bright. It is a perfect time to brush up your hobby, going around in the city and try to catch the city life through your beautiful sketches. Let us catch our wonderful memory in a unique way.
In this course, we will learn how to sketch a moving figure with a city vibe. Its all about trying to extract a beautiful composition from our surroundings. We will learn to watch human proportion, how they sit, talk eat and doing general activities. Or what about drawing your friends, while having an evening with them.
In this course, you will largely learn about how to compose figure and objects and relate them in the same frame. you will learn about interior & exterior perspective, line, shades, shadow, object, volume, quick rendering, depth of shading & depth of the object.


1st week: Perspective, framing, proportion, figure, object
2nd week: Distance, shading value, volume, the value of the shape, depth of the line
3rd week: Rendering
4th week: Combination of rendering & line depth
Last one day: Art-Fun-event (feedback about the course, a bit of portrait drawing and character drawing)

KOU/ Kaustav is a Berlin-based Indian Artist, who is always trying to connect cultures and feelings in a certain storytelling way. The best thing about KOU‘s art is its a poetic narrative, as soon as you get closer to it, it‘s very much kinetic, experimental and reflects a deep thought of observation. His lines have life and lead the audience to look at it again and again and create a feeling of care inside them. Kaustav is a very sensitive person and he always tries to make his paintings with recycled and reused material. His live/ urban sketchings with Indian Postcards are a great example of „connecting cultures“.
Kaustav was born and brought up near Kolkata, West Bengal. His family was not very stable financially in the beginning and he says this was my great learning in life. Kaustav has been sketching and painting since he was a kid. He drew photorealistic live portrait at the age of 14. His work was highly appreciated by different people and publishers from Kolkata. He was working as a freelance illustrator in ABP, Kolkata. In 2011 Kaustav graduated in Architecture from Jadavpur University and in 2015 he finished his Masters in ‚Furniture & Interior Design‘ from NID India. Throughout this time he used to paint a lot, but never published.
From 2004 to 2014 Kaustav tried many different ways to express his paintings. Few have been exhibited later In Delhi and Kolkata. In 2014 Kaustav came to HTW Berlin as an exchange student, with full DAAD scholarship. He was appointed as a lecturer to teach design sketching to the students of Industrial Design and Fashion Design. During this time he became an active artist for „1000 Drawing Berlin“
Later on, He had 9 art exhibitions in different places in Germany. His art buyers and co-workers are highly affected by his influence and his thought for good society. His use of material, resources, reuse has always influenced people from different countries. 
"He likes to experiment and is not afraid to fail. His fantasy doesn‘t seem to know any bounds" - Prof Johanna Michel. Edition Michel.

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