Dienstag, 02. Juli 2019, ESDIP Berlin, WATERCOLOUR SUMMER COURSE

Von 02. Juli 2019 - 19:30
Bis 25. Juli 2019 - 21:30

ESDIP Berlin

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UPCOMING DATES:2nd - 25th July 2019Tuesdays and Thursdays19:30 – 21:30h
All programs will be in English.
DURATION:One month
REQUIREMENTS:A basic level of drawingis required to join this workshop!However zeroprior knowledge of painting is required.
MATERIAL:All materials used during the course will be provided.
PROGRAM FEE:Total: 265€ 

 **IMPORTANT** Please register with the student’s name and current email address where we can reach you! (You will be directed to PayPal after registration, where you can use any PayPal account to transfer the fee.) 



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This will be one-month course aimed at those hoping to break into the world of watercolour how to paint with watercolour unaccompanied can be a difficult and frustrating process. Unlike any other paint, watercolour often appears to have a mind of its own!During this course however, your teacher will break down the processes of watercolour painting and explore the techniques required to help you controlthe paint to your own will work between still life objects and landscapes to learn how to construct a painting from start to finish, and employ various colour-based and technical skills during the process.The main subjects of this four-week course will be colour theory, technique, practice and finding your own style.


› Colour theory› Brushes & paper› Landscape painting› How to paint ‘white’› Still life› Washes, layering, glazing› Light & shadows› Mixing media - find your ownstyle› Tips & techniques 

› SARAH KILCOYNE  is a classically trained artist from Ireland. She studied Fine Art for four years in the Limerick College of Art and Design, specialising in the study of oil painting, portraiture, figure drawing and anatomy. These days, she resides in Berlin, and combines her work as a visual artist with teaching, both group and private classes. She has exhibited in many shows between Ireland and Germany, and currently paints in a studio in Berlin, Friedrichshain. 


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