Dienstag, 11. Juni 2019, TechQuartier, PWC & TQ Cyber Escape Room - how easy is hacking?

Von 11. Juni 2019 - 14:00 Bis 18:00


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Have you always wanted to hack into a bank?
Using a classic triangle story, this cyber security simulation illustrates how insider knowledge, criminal energy and opportunity combined with various attack techniques and existing security vulnerabilities can be combined by an abettor to do a cyber attack.
The Challenge:

Specifically, a former disgruntled employee, in prison with limited access to the Internet, leads a cyber attack against his former employer, an inconspicuous bank with an exquisite clientele. The aim of the attack is to facilitate the bank account of the managing director. As part of the story, you perform the cyber attack against the bank, familiarizing themselves with common attack methods such as SQL injection, Brute Force, and Cross Site Scripting (XSS).
After a short introduction you can do the simulation in teams up to two persons on one of our provided laptops on your own. No detailed knowledge in IT-Security is necessary.
Target audience:
Students and young professionals who can interact with a laptop, a browser, Google and Wikipedia - that's all you need for this hacking experience.

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PWC & TQ Cyber Escape Room - how easy is hacking?, TechQuartier ereignis

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