Dienstag, 21. Mai 2019, Warschauer U-Bahn Station, Secret Food Tours Berlin

Von 21. Mai 2019 - 11:00 Bis 14:00

Warschauer U-Bahn Station

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We are passionate German foodies who would love to show the best of Berlin cuisine. Berlin is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in Europe and its mix of cultures has really influenced the flavours that you will find here.
By booking on our award-winning Berlin Food Tour, we will take you on a tasting adventure with both delicious German foods/drinks and with some mouth-watering international influences. We will entertain you with stories of the city and its history, and you will end up with a belly full of food and a greater understanding of the cuisine, the culture and fusion that created it.
You and your friends will embark on a three-hour German gastronomy tour in the heart of East Berlin. You will have the opportunity to discover both the local German food as well as the Turkish contributions that have been a part of our cuisine for over 50 years. You will experience our unique street food culture, beer halls and the way the locals go out to eat. You will also walk down historical streets and bohemian neighbourhoods, see the latest street art and go to the famous Berlin Wall and East Side Gallery, learning the history of how Berlin fought the division and re-united our city. All food, desserts, drinks and a professional tour of the city are included in the price. Once our experienced English speaking guide concludes our food tour in Berlin, you will leave with a stomach full of the most delightful food and drinks. Not only this: you will also get local knowledge and sightseeing tips to enhance the pleasure of your trip that will last with you for a lifetime. Plus, with all our tours there is our Secret Dish, which you can only find out about on the day.

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