Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2019, Your place, [Free] Turn your apartment into the next fancy restaurant in the city

Von 23. Mai 2019 - 16:00 Bis 17:00

Your place

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Yes, there will be secret menus from secret chefs

Yes, there will be lovely gifts from lovely guests

Yes, there will be the one everyone loves, YOU


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This is how it’s gonna happen. You will

✔ open your apartment to everyone

✔ open gifts brought by everyone


What gifts?

Everyone tells one thing that you want done or haven't done

(It can be walking your dog with a stranger for 30 mins

Or experience working in a flower shop for an afternoon)

Everyone else helps to make it happen, i.e. being a gift

Yeah everyone helps one another to achieve something

(For details click here)


Now, back to opening a fancy restaurant

You will do nothing but say hi to everyone

Fancy here means

Fantastic folks always, fancy food sometimes

Chefs will sign up to get on your chef list, so will guests

Sounds easy? It is

This is how you will describe your restaurant



(Can simply leave your social media links here and let them do the talking)


You don’t need to go into details. A rough idea is enough.

For example, near Central Park, New York.

Date and time

Decided by you


You set the amount, and everyone shares the cost


1 item only, or more

Extra help

Indicate what you need. It can be from ingredients / tools, to grocery shopping / dish washing.


From professional chefs to home cooks, everyone can sign up to be the chef here


People who are here learning to cook, offer help wherever it’s needed, and dine with host / chef


To post your restaurant online

You can
Go to Foodie on Facebook and post your restaurant info there.

Here is an example.


Why be the host?


You don’t have to have a fancy apartment to apply to be the host.


Learning to cook is fun. Meeting strangers is fun. You trying new things are fun.


In a community of fantastic people, learn to unlock talents you don’t know you have.


You are many things. Now that you invite people to your life, add #AngelOfTheCity to that title.

Why be the chef / guest ?

Meet foodies from all over the world!

Share your stunning recipe with everyone!

Have a new place you call home wherever you go!

[Free] Turn your apartment into the next fancy restaurant in the city, Your place ereignis

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