Samstag, 15. Juni 2019, Tamaro, Y. Lab - Find Your WHY

Von 15. Juni 2019 - 10:00 Bis 18:00


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You’re passionate about life. You’ve achieved some of your crucial life goals and reached a recognized level expertise in your field of work.
Yet, in spite of your success, you somehow feel unfulfilled in your work.
There’s a gnawing sense that it might be time for a change.
You’d like to grasp what life is calling you to do next so that you can confidently move forward towards greater fulfillment and life satisfaction.
But you don’t know WHAT that is.
New projects? Additional qualifications? A different company?
You intuitively know that all these WHATs will not sufficiently or sustainably “scratch that itch” inside you.
Motivational speaker Simon Sinek challenges us to start with WHY, rather than chasing after WHAT.
Starting with WHY means discovering your unique underlying purpose striving for expression through your work and life. Your WHY is deeply rooted in your personality and provides a sense of meaning. Understanding your WHY will help you to see the positive contribution you wish to make in the world, and it serves as a solid foundation for fulfillment and satisfaction in your professional and personal life.
Finding your WHY is what this workshop is all about.
In this interactive, reflective and practical one-day seminar you'll say hello to your WHY, get to know state-of-the-art tools to work with it and benefit from the powerful resource of other participants discovering their next meaningful projects. Meeting new people while discovering what you really love will help build up a vital support network for you as you achieve your mission. This workshop will facilitate a unique experience in an engaging setting, where you will...

develop a personal vision for your professional future

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create a specific action plan for turning your purpose-based vision into real next career steps

learn a set of practices to enhance your resilience and awareness as you move forward

begin building a network of peers to support you during your change process.

 The methods and tools in this workshop are based on Theory U - a cutting edge change management "technology" developed by C. Otto Scharmer at MIT.
The Facilitators:
Robert Knight is a Career Transition Coach specialized in helping mid-career professionals discover and embrace new opportunities full of purpose, passion and meaningful contribution. He has a background in Human Resources Management, Consulting and Organizational Development.
Alexander Nitsch is a psychologist with a background in neuroscience, clinical psychology, vocational rehabilitation and executive management. He is passionate about helping people find their WHY in order to live fulfilling lives. 
Workshop Program:
10:00 - Kick-off
10:15 - Part I - Exploring WHY
13:00 - Lunch (not provided)
14:30 - Part II - Letting Go and Letting Come - Experiencing Your Emerging Future
                       - Prototyping the Future
                       - Connecting and Building Community
18:00 - End

 Find your WHY at Y-Lab!

Y. Lab - Find Your WHY, Tamaro ereignis

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