Sonntag, 01. September 2019, Riehenstrasse 64, NLP Practitioner Certification Course

Von 01. September 2019 - 9:00
Bis 06. September 2019 - 16:30

Riehenstrasse 64

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a proven and potent method for achieving what you want in life. And there is no better organisation through which to experience that power, motivation and inspiration than at the Centre for NLP with Inspire Coaching GmbH – Masters of NLP.
Now’s your chance to move your learning to the next level with our renowned seven days NLP Practitioner Certification Training – the proven way to fulfill your true potential and achieve happiness, love, freedom and all the other riches life has to offer.
In just 6 days, you’ll learn the skills you need to understand the relationship between mind, body, emotions and actions. And most importantly how to use that understanding to implement change and create the life you really now with NLP Practitioner Certification Traning and book early with the Centre for NLP

NB. The course is for a maximum 9 peoiple to learn safely and fully with maximum trainer attention.
Deposit of CHF500 secures your seat. Balance of CHF2100 must be apid 7 days befor attending the course.

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