Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2019, Adobe Research Schweiz AG, Wellbeing & Communication Workshops Adobe Switzerland: 1-Day Seminar: Communication, Conflict Management and Diplomacy

Von 24. Oktober 2019 - 9:30 Bis 16:30

Adobe Research Schweiz AG

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Well-being is a large and vital part of corporate health management! Employee wellbeing programs have developed into a way to attract top talent, keep employees happy and productive, and reduce fluctuation. The key to a successful corporate wellbeing program is the promotion of overall well-being. Equally important is the fun component of the programs.
In this sense, Joy Corporate has developed a concept together with Adobe Switzerland. We want to offer a long-term solution for the health of the employees and introduce a wellness culture in the company, without forcing it.
We select the best coaches for a new one year workshop series. We are opening the events for Adobe Employees and for externals as well.
We are trying to achieve a sustainable change in the general well-being of the employees with a series of small measures.
We start in June 2019 and the series goes until June 2020. All Workshops will be hosted in Adobe's office in Basel. You can choose to do all or pick the one that suits better to you.

Communication, Conflict Management and Diplomacy

The different conflict personalities

Some see a conflict as a competition, others as an opportunity, and others as a circumstance to avoid. This session is about the different conflict characters.

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Conflict simulation with each participant and analysis of the individual conflict resolution style for each participant

The different perspectives on a conflict

Conflicts always have a negative connotation in our culture. It's about finding different perspectives on the subject.

Communicative enhancers of conflicts and de-escalation rhetoric

There are special classical formulations that further fuel the conflict, rather than de-escalating him. Of course you should know and avoid these formulations.

How emotional intelligence helps in conflict management

When emotions are strong, it becomes difficult to come to a solution during a conflict. Being able to control one's own emotions and be able to read each other's emotions is a crucial competence in conflict resolution.

Types of conflict management

The 5 best conflict resolution strategies

Diplomacy & Tact

How to improve sustainably?

Tips for participants to train independently their competence for conflict resolution after the seminar.
One day Seminar including lunch break
Coaches info for this session:
Manuela di Nardo
"You will benefit from my analytical and networked thinking. I appreciate myself as being pragmatic and goal-oriented. With my many years of solid personnel experience, which I have gathered in international and national companies, I support you efficiently, practically oriented and with a lot of energy." Manuela Di Nardo, HR & Organizational Developer Since 1996 active in HR and organizational development as well as coaching.1996-2000 at Zurich Re (now Scor) as Divisional Manager: departmental setup of various departments and recruiting and A-Z personnel support2000 to 2011 at The Boston Consulting Group in Personnel Development and Coaching: Creating individual development plans, analyzing potential, evaluating the appropriate training or coachingSince 2008 as accredited Coach (ICF) with focus on position determination, career change and leadership developmentSince 2011 independent consultant for SMEs in the field of HR: organizational development, process analysis and optimization as well as recruitmentHR ad interim mandatesFederally qualified HR specialist AKADBusiness Economist at Kaderschule ZurichAccredited Coach of the International Coaching Federation (ACC)Certified MPA Typology User (Master Profile Analyzes)Gordon Family ConferenceEmbodied communication

High implementation competence
Open to the people
Strong communication skills
Creative, committed and empathetic
Inquiring and reflecting
Analytical, direct and honest
Very quick comprehension and recognition of structural topics
Intercultural understanding
Full of energy

09.30: Opening, Registration 
10.00 – 12.00: Info Session / Workshop -Part 1
12.00 – 12.30: Lunch Break (We will arrange a tasty lunch for all the participants)
12.30 – 16.00: Info Session / Workshop - Part 2
16.00 – 16.30: QA

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