Freitag, 21. Juni 2019, Grunewald, NION Summer Solstice Celebration -Sunset-

Von 21. Juni 2019 - 17:00 Bis 23:00


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NION Community invites you to feel the special summer transitional time together in Grunewald woods. Let's appreciate and simply have a blast with the Sun, the source of our lives on the longest day of the year! It's so easy to forget about connectivity to Nature in our city life. A loss of sensuality leads not only to simple carelessness in a park and on a street but also numerous socio-economic challenges that we are tackling. Then, why don't we design an experience where we can retrieve it? We get together at the entrance of Grunewald pathway (on Eichkampstraße), then take a walk through the woods, and spend some time at multiple locations that we have found best suitable for our rituals (all within walking distance from S-Grunewald) The map will be shared for all the locations as the date gets closer. You can't make it by 5-6ish? No worries! Our celebration is multi-layered and will continue. You can join us anytime. But, the main rituals will take place on information and a schedule coming soon : )

NION Summer Solstice Celebration -Sunset-, Grunewald ereignis

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