Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2020, Veltins-Arena, Train & Grow Rich 2020 -Elite Seminar

Von 25. Juni 2020 - 9:00 Bis 19:00


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Live an experience like never before!
The mandatory event for all entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and proactive people who want to train with Eric Worre, Tony Robbins and a Surprise Guest. Fun and Learning !
It is imperative to participate in the largest business and personal development event  and learn from influential personalities who are experts in Sales, Personal Development and Psychology to set a new standard for your own success. Tickets are at an exclusive price for this event around € 400 ..., but for being part of our team you HAVE it for only € 299 or even less with the PROMO AFFILIATE.  
The experts and speakers will show you: How the way of thinking and the  emotions drive the best-known brands in the world. What can you do to achieve constant and interminable improvement? How to unlock all your personal potential. How to succeed and have more success in your business. The secrets for innovative experiences. The seat quota is limited ... So register today!
We are independent affiliates of the My World group of companies! Mega Event - World Record, the greatest business event of all time! 65,000 participants from approximately 50 countries. The largest personal and professional development event WORLDWIDE
Sr. - ERIC WORRE / USA- GO PRO - the best network marketing professional He is a brilliant speaker and consultant. As a trainer and speaker, he has lectured to more than 250,000 people around the world.  
Mr. TONY ROBBINS / USA: is a highly successful US author and trainer of PNL. He is known as an instructor of trainers and consultants of the greatest entrepreneurs and rulers of our time. The greatest life and business strategist in history. It has helped thousands of people achieve their dreams. He has trained people like Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, Princess Diana ... ANTHONY ROBBINS will perform exclusively at the ELITE 2020 SEMINAR in Germany for the second time!
& a.... Surprise Guest .... At fifteen he rebelled against the will of his father and opted for bodybuilding to the detriment of football. After winning the title of Mr. Europa Junior, in 1968 he arrived in the United States, country in which he was presented as "the Austrian oak"; He won the titles of Mr. World, Mr. Universe (five times) and Mr. Olympia (seven times), and in 1980 he retired from bodybuilding .........
Who is  traveling together to Germany to attend this event? Startups, entrepreneurs, business persons,proactive people, friends, networking opportunities, learn, grow and earn PASSIVE INCOME!
Do not miss your entry. Soon will be SOLD OUT. 3 days of training + seat in the stands + gift bag! Accreditation is through Lyconet at no additional cost.
Our Recommendation: DO NOT COME ALONE! BE ALTRUISTS AND INVITE THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE ARROUND YOU. It's going to be an incredible experience. +
Tickets are at an exclusive price for this event around € 400 ..., but for being part of our team you HAVE IT for only € 299 or even less with the PROMO AFFILIATE. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE PROMO AFFIATE TO GET YOUR ENTRANCE UP TO HALF THE PRICE! The language of the event is English. Translation service will be available for only an additional € 30. No access for children under 18 Promo Afiliate requires referrals!
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Train & Grow Rich 2020 -Elite Seminar, Veltins-Arena ereignis

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