Dienstag, 18. Juni 2019, Berlin, IOTA Course for Developers // Learning App Only (low price but no support)

Von 18. Juni 2019 - 9:00 Bis 18:00


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In this Training IOTA Onboarding Course for Developers you will learn everything you need to know to build applications on IOTA’s Tangle.
You will receive
- Access to the Learning-App (App for mobile devices + Webapp for Notebook or PC)
- Extensive and complete In-App Course (6 weeks duration, though you can set your own pace)
- No support via messenger (but a low price. You use our didactically structured course on your own, e.g. for 6 weeks as it has been designed to do so)
- This course let you explore all the IT libraries and resources as well as developer tools that you need to start sending and receiving transactions.
- This course also gives you all knowledge that you need to set-up a professional development environment and automated tests, debugging, deployment, etc.
You will learn how to code with the MAM library and send and receive data streams.
You will also learn the main concepts and features of Qubic.
You can develop your own fully functional IOTA Application on your own request. The content in the app helps you to do so.

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You would need to have an engineering or computer science background or be at least a highly motivated autodidact
Basic understanding of Blockchain & PGP or Cryptography

What’s in for the price?

Get basic programming knowledge of IOTA
Get a hands-on course with a very practical approach and a TDD (Test Driven Development).
Get access to a beautiful Learning App (Mobile Learning App plus Multi Device Usage via PC or Notebook) including an extensive and complete course for 6 weeks (faster learners welcome though)
An Online Training consisting of 4 Courses (with 4-7 trainings each)

Concept of this course, IMPORTANT INFO

This is a PURE ONLINE course (no support is given)
We start on the designated event day listed here on Eventbrite. After you bought the PURE ONLINE course, we will sending you the login incl. password on this event day via e-mail. :)
Then you can start the course on your own

Course content overview

IOTA INTRODUCTION (Difference between Blockchain & IOTA, Characteristics of DAC, the Distributed Ledger of IOTA, VISION of the IOTA FOUNDATION, etc.)
IOTA BASICS (Setting up a Full Node, Operating your own IOTA Network, Full Node APIs, Mainnet, Devnet, Spamnet, etc.)
IOTA DEVELOPMENT I (Intro into IOTA Programming, Node.js & VS Code, Development Environment, Resources, Libraries, sending Tokens & Messenges, etc.)
IOTA DEVELOPMENT II (generating Addresses, creating Seeds, Trinary, Transaction Bundles, Snapshots, setting up your own Application project, etc.)
IOTA DEVELOPMENT III (Masked Authenticated Messaging, setting up Sensor Data to the Tangle)

Your instructor who has written the IOTA Onboarding Course for Developers together with the IOTA Foundation
Mark Kessler

IOTA Course for Developers // Learning App Only (low price but no support), Berlin ereignis

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