Freitag, 13. September 2019, yoga2be, Mindful Sustainability Program - PART 1

Von 13. September 2019 - 9:00 Bis 12:00


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Are you a change leader? Could you use some help to organise the steps on your sustainability project scientifically and holistically? Do you believe leaders need to grow awareness and mindfulness towards sustainability? Do you want to effectively communicate your vision to different stakeholders?
The goals of this program:
To empower you in delivering sustainability projects and solutions that are systemic and meaningful, using scientific and holistic approaches. To enable that your project or business will be long lasting and will bring real benefits to humankind and planet, generating and multiplying a continuous virtuous cycle.
Whom is it made for?
Changemakers who are interested in creating, building, implementing and multiplying sustainable solutions, projects or businesses. Changemakers who believe in making sustainable development based on mindfulness, compassion, inclusion and peace of mind
Do you like these ideas, but are not quite sure about such a program? Come check our FREE-sample-class before signing up at Impact Hub or at Yoga2B. Nothing like experimenting first. ;-)
•Workshop 1: Using creativity and the right side of the brain. Mindfulness & visualisation techniques - practical use. Awareness development of how you can control your project
•Workshop 2: Wise leadership introduction and overview. How business and projects can benefit from mindfulness and how mindful leadership works. Improvement of interrelationships.
•Workshop 3: Connection of mindfulness, leadership, and sustainable/responsible business. We use concepts from The Natural Step®. Identification of project benefits and action plan using mainly the right side of the brain. NOTE: WORKSHOP 3 WILL HAPPEN AT IMPACT HUB VIADUKT.
Check Part 2 of the course to complete the program at 
Part 2 of the course will happen at Impact Hub Zürich.
•Workshop 4: Clarify aspects of the benefits of your project and set SMART and mindful goals. Recognizing and preparing for obstacles & challenges in your project. An overview of Future Fit Business Benchmarking® will be provided.
•Workshop 5: Business plan and business case building through the lenses of mindful leadership for sustainable/responsible business. Development of on resources’ plan, business model and key performance indicators. We use the Business Model Canvas, and we will revise the Sustainability ROI Workbook by Bob Willard.
•Workshop 6: Teamwork and stakeholder’s engagement, with a focus on the second one. We will review different aspects of communication and interaction based on principles of mindfulness and recognised habits for effectiveness in human relationships.
Language: English - Please check all dates before signing in.

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This program is offered in 2 parts. Part 1 (Wks1-2) are hosted at Yoga2B and Wk3 is hosted at Impact Hub, Part 2 (Wks 4-6) are hosted at Impact Hub Zürich.
How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Write to We should answer you in 24 to 48 hours.
What's the refund policy?
Refunds up until 30 days before the first workshop.

Mindful Sustainability Program - PART 1, yoga2be ereignis

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