Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2019, Di:Lab, July design lab - Berlin

Von 17. Juli 2019 - 18:30 Bis 21:00


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Welcome to the Berlin design lab.
We're a friendly bunch! We are a community of designers that get together to talk shop, share ideas and designs, and get to know one another.
Ticket informationGet yourself an Eventbrite ticket and you'll be good to attend. 
Raffle & GiveawaysThanks to our sponsors at Sketch we will be giving away two FREE Sketch licenses in a raffle. Show up, collect your raffle ticket and the winners will be announced at the end.
Do you want to donate or gift something to the community for a raffle? Maybe a conference ticket, maybe some lush stationery, maybe a puppy (only joking, puppies are for life, not just for raffles). Then give us a shout and we'll add it to the raffle. 
6:30- Open for arrivals & drinks6:55 – Welcome & introduction7:00- Talk one7:25 - Q&A7:30 - Talk two7:55 - Q&A8:00 - Open Mic Session*8:10 - Raffle & close event8:15 - Networking___
Talk one: Ideas for a futuristic design tool
2019 has been a big year for designers. We've heard major announcements from upstarts such as Figma and Framer; we've seen big initiatives from established players such as InVision, Bohemian, and Adobe; and we've even had big tech enter the scene, like Apple with their SwiftUI toolset. All this alongside the tens of startups announcing new design tool products every other week for the past two years. It is an exciting time to be a designer!
In this talk, we'll take a look at how design tools are changing, what improvements are coming, what improvements we wish were coming, and with our wish list, we'll paint a picture of what our ideal design tool would look like.
Speaker: Aria Minaei
Aria is part designer and part developer. He believes designers can code; coders can design; and users can create; He thinks the right design tool will unlock this potential, and he is working on one such tool himself.


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Tak two: The Age of Reinvention
Talk Abstract: We’re in an age of limitless possibilities. By way of both the nature of technology and the job market it spurs, to stay competitive and up to date, we have to adopt a mindset of continuous learning and identity fluidity; we must learn the art of reinventing ourselves. Gone are the days of working in the same job for 50 years. To become prevalent, this reinvention must be more than just a superficial name change on one's resume or Linkedin account, it needs to be something one dedicates both time and effort to. The question is: how do you decide what to focus on learning yourself and when to bring in other specialists to collaborate? How do you avoid information overload and burnout? Come join the talk as we explore these questions and more together.

Speaker: Tabitha Swanson 
Tabitha Swanson is a multi-disciplinary designer and researcher. In classic millennial style, her career path has gone something like this: graphic design —> fashion —> marketing —> art direction —> UX/UI —> 3D —> currently exploring machine learning and its possibilities in the design world.

Open Mic Session
Here is where you put your big, brave pants on and jump on stage. This is a safe and open space for you to speak to your fellow designers. Perhaps you’re looking for feedback, partnership or advice on a project you’re working on or simply have a question. Well, this is your moment. You can ask the group and further the conversations in the social after. 
✍️Contact if you are interested in speaking, hosting or volunteering.

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