Samstag, 28. September 2019, TBD, Being Visual THINKING Workshop - Köln

Von 28. September 2019 - 9:00 Bis 18:00


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The BEING VISUAL is a day-long workshop on visualisation. 
Visual Thinking is all about visualising abstract concepts. The participants will learn how to explain processes and facilitate discussions using drawings and metaphors.

The workshop is entirely digital. The participants will use the power and versatility of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in the exercises. They will learn the basics in the most used apps by illustrators and designers like Procreate Pro, Keynote and Paper.

VISUAL THINKING is a fundamental part of design thinking and other innovation processes such as Google Design Sprints and Lean Startup. It enables better communication between team members, boosts presentations, and helps in presenting ideas.
This full-day workshop is an introduction to the fundamentals of using visuals for better communication. It will focus on three principal axes: Visualizing Abstract Concepts, Process Visualization, and Visual Storytelling.

Date: 28.09.2019Time: 09:00 -18:00


The complexity of your current jobs is overwhelming. It can be seen in all the vocabulary added through last years to describe tasks, areas, and activities. From concrete elements of projects like "pipeline", "backlog", and "deadline", to fuzzy concepts such as "innovation", "disruption", and "impact", we are more and more dependent on visual analogies and metaphors to clarify our goals to our peers. In this block, we will learn the basics of creating visual analogies that can support teamwork and empower your presentations.

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You are continually reshaping how people should organise themselves and their goals, particularly in the realms of management and leadership. It can be challenging to communicate and agree on milestones within your team. The main challenges are finding a consensus on how to operate and establish a meaning behind your headlines. In this block, we will provide a framework to easily define processes within your team and create a structure with elements that people can understand and follow. 


Selling, teaching, and reporting - all of these presentation styles demand a different way of communicating. Visuals and Storytelling are a means of empowering your message and facilitating the understanding of the content you are trying to convey. Finding the perfect metaphor and story is the primary challenge when creating a new presentation. In this block, we will study various frameworks for different kinds of presentations and how to find the best metaphors for your audience.


The workshop is entirely digital. You will be using the newest iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. 
If you own an iPad already, you can keep it home. The iPads for the workshop are specially set for the workshop activities.


Everything presented and produced in the workshop will be available for the participants after the workshop. Besides you will receive a list of books about drawing and visualisation and links for icon resources and further classes to get even more pro.

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"We had the pleasure of a one-day visualisation workshop with Mauro for our entire team. Mauro has a unique and very personal style of moderating workshops which just amazing. We all learned a lot, and it was huge fun at the same time. We also see the effects that we sketch more in our work throughout the team after the course. Absolutely recommended! :)"
Marc Stickdorn, Co-founder & CEO at More than Metrics and  Author of This is Service Design Doing


Mauro Rego works as Service Design Director at Designit. For nine years, he designs brands, digital services, and products for startups and organisations like Tesco, Allianz and Wikimedia Foundation (to name few). Before he has worked as an in-house designer for Telekom and SAP. Besides crafting, Mauro has eight years of professional teaching experience. He has been teaching as a guest lecture Service & Interface Design at the Köln International School of Design, Design Thinking for companies at the Professional Track of the HPI Academy and Visual Thinking at Wired Campus. Together with a team of design enthusiasts, he’s running Service Design Berlin, a non-profit initiative for professionals.
The workshop will be held in English, but you can make questions in German and Portuguese.

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