Montag, 29. Juli 2019, Soylent Bar, Saying the wrong thing - Uncensored comedy showcase in Friedrichshain! *FREE ENTRY

Von 29. Juli 2019 - 21:00 Bis 23:00

Soylent Bar

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Being misunderstood is one of our greatest fears, now think about that but with a mic and in front of 50 people.

We believe that saying the wrong thing is imperative for conversation and great stand-up comedy!

Because in order to say the right thing you have to try, Which means you will fail and fail and fail again!

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It is right there in the premises of great comedians like Bill Burr, Sarah Silverman, Dave Chapelle and many more.

This night is about that.

So if you have a sensitive soul and get outraged easily this is not for you, but if you like a challenge to your ears and mind get your FREE TICKET now, as it will be a night to remember.

(not) Featuring:

***Bill Burr***

***Sarah Silverman***

***Dave Chapelle***

(really) Featuring:

*** Ori Halevy*** is a TV/ screen writer & a stand-up comedian that hosts many successful shows in the Berlin English comedy scene.

*** Michael Hackett*** A Manchester born dentist come comic who performs throughout the UK, Europe and Australia.

*** Brendan Hickey*** is an Irish comic who focuses primarily on incidents that he can see from his balcony, having lost his monthly U-Bahn ticket in a tavern brawl.

*** Scott McBurney*** is a natural born joke (writer). He has a reputation for pushing the envelope - at the Deutsche Post where he works part-time. Come and watch him attempt to infuse his meaningless life with purpose.

Saying the wrong thing - Uncensored comedy showcase in Friedrichshain! *FREE ENTRY, Soylent Bar ereignis

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