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Digital Tech Summit 2019 - Hackathon

The Digital Tech Summit goes into the second round! Meet the future of Tech, Work and Life!Once again, ZOLLHOF invites you to a digital summit combining a two-day hackathon with a 3-day conference including top talks, workshops & networking options. Be one of more than 700 international participants & join us for 3 unforgettable days!

When? 11 - 13 October 2019
Where? Max-Morlock-Stadion Nürnberg

Why attend?
Push the limits of what was thought would be possible.At the Digital Tech Summit, it is all about feeling the thrill while tackling tech problems with your team to outperform others. Use your tech skills, develop required solutions as well as innovations and expand your horizon. Working faster and more precise than ever might be your personal challenge to compete against others. Mentors and scientific experts will be by your side and support you whenever you need it.In the end great ideas – from which the entire society gains – are getting alive within two us for two days full of hacking fun with your team! Compete against others and be one of the great winners in the end honored at the stage of an impressive location! Amazing prizes are waiting for you. In order to win that thing, we will provide you with all the support you need. Coaches, tech gadgets, free food & drinks as well as a unique crowd of tech savvy rebels will make this hackathon an unforgettable experience!

Who can participate in the hackathon?
Everyone, who's interested in tech and innovative topics, is very welcome! There's no prerequisites or special required skills - just a good amount of energy and willingness to learn and innovate.
Also no experience in hackathons is needed (beginners are welcome!).

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Your highlights
3 tracks | 6 challenges | hot prizes | individual coaching | tech gadgets | impressive location | free food & drinks


Max-Morlock-Stadion: An impressive location with a sporty atmosphere!
Have you ever visited a non-sport event in a spacious football stadium and could check it out even behind the scenes? If not, the Digital Tech Summit is the perfect occasion to catch up such an experience! 

This spot knows performance. This city knows challenges. Now it's up to you to take on our challenges and deliver performance with your team. Enter the heart of the Max Morlock Stadium and work with the latest technologies to find new solutions for our future or join as a visitor to enjoy interesting talks, workshops and other programs hosted in a unique location!
Find detailed information on how to get there here! 

3 thrilling Tracks
These trending topics will dominate this year´s summit - for our Hackathon challenges as well as guiding headlines at the conference. Seize your opportunity and work with your teammates on three hot tracks of the future!

Do you have the feeling that our digitalized world becomes faster every day? The need for speed is demanding smart mobility solutions - for people and products. Take up your chance to get on the fast lane of future mobility with us!

Do you believe that sports is the solution for personal wellbeing and making our planet a better place? So do we. Fitness enthusiasts wanted! Let´s motivate others and bring movement to the crowds! 

Do you think digitalization is THE gamechanger for health? From patient care to support of disabled persons, the industry offers huge potentials for smart technological solutions. Let´s bring digital health to the next level!

Ready to shape the future with us? Take up your chance and work on one of 6 different challenges. The winner takes it all! Compete against others and earn amazing prizes for outstanding results!

1. MOBILITY | NürnbergMesse
Meet BIOFACH: the world’s leading trade fair for organic food with 13 halls, 2 convention centers and almost 3,000 exhibitors. You are one of the over 50,000 visitors and you are supposed to find the most relevant exhibitors for your company as fast and comfortable as possible. You also want to visit exciting talks, explore new trends and meet new people - but you have only ONE day to do it all!Help trade fair visitors solve their problem to identify what is really relevant to them by developing a smart matching solution based on their individual interests and needs. We will provide real visitor data (typical profiles and interests) as well as all information needed about the trade fair. Take this challenge and show us how you ensure your recommendations are specific for each visitor!

Are you a procrastinator when it comes to vehicle insurance? Guess what?! You are not alone! Reason enough to change the game and streamline the process of car insurances! Insurance companies need tons of data and information in order to offer the best fitting product. Come and help us find out in which way this data can be gathered, which existing sources can be used, which must be developed first and what on this challenge and change the game! Make it easy for you and all other persons on this planet to obtain a car insurance in a glimpse of time without having to worry about where to gather all needed data. 
3. SPORTS | NÜRNBERGER Versicherung & adidas
Are you always on the run for new sports activities? Sport enthusiasts share your excitement!Motivate others to follow your example to feel the same pleasure in doing sports like you and many like-minded active souls out there. The goal is to bring movement to the crowds, build and establish communities to network with people alike and have fun as a team! Your possibilities are unlimited - from regeneration after exercise, movement for children using a variety of technologies such as VR, AR or even traditional ways - no limits are set to your creativity!Be the forerunner and inspire everyone to get moving and live a happier life!

4. SPORTS | adidas
Shape the future of sports and our planet with us! How can we reimagine our customer touchpoints (stores, online, stadium, communities etc.) beyond a place of pure transaction to a playful environment that helps tackle the environmental and social challenges?

5. HEALTH | Siemens Healthineers
Is personal health on the top list of your priorities? Healthcare lives thereby on precise diagnostics and correct treatment decisions. As a patient – having your health data readily available to discuss with physicians and other healthcare professionals is here the KEY! 
However, when it comes to your data, the balance of full control and ease of shareability is a major challenge! How to collect and manage own health data? Or to share medical images? And how to get a clear overview of all your managed data? Let's change the game for an industry with a huge innovation potential! A secure, cloud based data-backend is already waiting for you to be integrated in a smart & intuitive app to manage your most valuable trait - health!

6. HEALTH | Novartis & Müller Medien
The number of blind and partially sighted people are rising. Unfortunately, they can´t really live independently which significantly affects their quality of life. Just think about their daily challenges to walk through the city, go shopping or cook by themselves!Let´s use the power of data and technology to help these people perceive and understand their environment and become more independent!Take up this challenge and we will provide you with best in class data sets and newest hardware. These might include a digital audio pen, smart glasses, Alexa or Google Home as well as labeled data to work with!

At the Digital Tech Summit hackathon we would like to reward awesome ideas and hard work! Our expert jury will judge all ideas and give awards to the best three teams.
These prizes are already waiting for you to be gained! Get ready, choose a challenge and win some cash with your team!

Overall Best 3.000€
Best Technical Implementation 1.500€
Audience Award 1.000€

We got you covered!
While hacking and competing against other teams, we have your back! We provide you with the support you need to win the challenge. To make all your crazy prospective ideas possible, our tech desk will have tech gadgets, which makes every techy heart beats faster. 
Our hackathon is not only supposed to bring ideas to the next level, but also your skills! That´s why we have tech and pitch coaches on your side. These experts will make you excel in the areas you need support in.And last but not least, it´s also about your wellbeing! Food to comfort your soul, endless coffee to give you the energy you need and a like-minded crowd to have an awesome time with.

Food & Drinks
Working braincells burn some calories! But no worries, you will have plenty of yummy food to prevent you from a growling tummy. ;-) Start your day right with a breakfast buffet, make some stops at the snack bar during the day & enjoy various food options at lunch and dinner! Just as last year, the catering will be legendary! Tickets include all of the meals, snacks and drinks you need to be a happy hacker during these 3 days.

Checking out some of last year´s pictures will make your mouth watering already!

Sleeping Spots
If you are not from Nuremberg - or even if you are - and would like to have a camping bed just next door to crash for a couple of hours, be our guest. Attention: Beds are in the stadion, so it's not a 5-star service but it's free of charge! First come, first served. ;-) Just write a short request to and a bed will be waiting for you!

Free Ride
Return bus tickets within whole Germany by our partner FLIXBUS are provided for all participants of the event. Just get your Digital Tech Summit ticket and send an email to to claim your free ride!

Getting excited? Check out our DTS Aftermovie 2018!

Have a first impression of what is waiting for you! Stay tuned, more information will be uploaded soon!

Friday, 11.10.2019

15:00 - 17:00 Arrival & Registration | In order to avoid crowds, it is recommendable to arrive early at the location. Let the hacking fun begin!
16:00 - 19:00 Snacks
17:00 - 18:00 Welcoming speech
18:00 - 19:00 Challenge pitches by partners | Receive first hand info´s and details on the challenges of the future!
19:00 - 21:00 Ideation & Find your team | Do you have a smart idea? Find team members to realize it or join others to work on a solution!

Saturday, 12.10.2019

All Day Hack time | All day long: hacking time with all the support you need - coaches, gadgets and food & drinks!
08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch
18:00 - 19:45 Dinner

Exerlights - The revolution of Training
Become a Sports-Supertalent! Exerlights trains attention, speed of action and switching behavior in real time. This happens without interruption and linguistic commands. 
Curious? Get a first feeling how it works here and try it yourself at the DTS!

Sunday, 13.10.2019

All Day Hack time
08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast
10:00 - 12:00 Optional: Pitch feedback | As semi finals are coming closer, you will have the possibility to receive tailored pitch feedback from our coaches!
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch
15:30 - 17:00 Semi finals | Every team has 5 Min + Q&A to pitch their ideas in front of a small jury! The selected winners will participate in the Grand finale!
17:30 Announcement of finalists
18:00 - 19:30 Grand finale: Team pitches | The shortlisted teams will pitch their ideas in front of a top-class jury consisting of board members of our corporate partners and other industry experts. 
19:30 - 20:00 Jury session
20:00 - 20:30 Announcement of winning teams | Three prizes will be given to the best teams!
20:30 - open end Dinner & Aftershowparty

Special Thanks to Billmann Event GmbH. The expert for event technology as well as management will support us at the Digital Tech Summit. From technical planning to on-site implementation, their service offers everything what a thrilling stage program requires!


Join us now to shape our future! This ticket includes your participation in the hackathon as well as all other workshops and programs of the Digital Tech Summit including food & drinks.

Which Ticket should I get?

1. Choose your professional level! Hacker tickets are divided into 3 categories - corporate, startup/freelancer or student.
2. Choose your background! Select the background, which fits best to you: business, coder or engineer. "Coder" is more focused on IT issues, whereas to "engineer" diverse fields with an engineering background belong.
Should you have any questions in this regard, just write us!

Get your hacker ticket now!

For further information check out our DTS Website!

We are looking forward to see you all at our DTS 2019!
Your ZOLLHOF Team!

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