Mittwoch, 06. November 2019, Bonn Old City Hall, Innovation and Networking Days 2019

Von 06. November 2019 - 12:00
Bis 07. November 2019 - 14:00

Bonn Old City Hall

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The Innovation and Networking Days will be hosted by Fraunhofer FIT following the three previous successful editions held in Bonn in 2013 and 2017 as well as in Torino in 2018. The event is co-organized by LINKS Foundation (Italy) and by the Centre for Research and Technology CERTH (Greece).
The Innovation and Networking Days allow innovators from industry, research and public administrations to meet, share, network and discuss different facets of a broad topic(s). In this edition it will be Smart City and Energy as well as Intelligent Processes.
The event unfolds through two consecutive half-days organized around inspirational speeches and technical presentations, informal discussions at World Cafés and networking opportunities. On the evening of the first day, a networking and poster session (including drinks) will be organized to further facilitate connections among participants.

Day 1 –  November, 6th 2019: Smart City and Energy

12:00 Registration of participants, Lunch snack
12:30 Welcome and Introduction
12:40 Introduction to Day 1 sessions
12:45 Keynote speech - Smart City
13:15 Stadt Bonn - Smart Bonn 2030 - Vision and challenges
13:35 Keynote speech - Energy

The role of monitoring in future electrical grids - Prof. Ferdinanda Ponci, RWTH Aachen University

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14:10 Plenary Session 
14:30 Networking coffee break
15:00-17:00 World Café sessions running in parallel on 6 topics
17:00 Speaker: Alejandro Salgado Montero, Co-Founder Neurosketch, Columbia
17:30 Wrap-up and highlights of day 1
17:45 Opening Networking-Evening, Host City of Bonn, Speaker: City of Bonn representative
18:00 Networking and Poster Session incl. drinks
19:30 Closing of Day 1

Day 2 – November 7th, 2019: Intelligent Processes

09:00 Welcome and Introduction
09:30 Keynote speech

The role of Process Mining for future business strategies - Dr. Sebastiaan van Zelst, RWTH Aachen University

10:00 Plenary Session
10:20 Keynote speech, Prof. Christian Beecks, Münster University
10:50 Plenary Session
11:10 Coffee Break
11:40-12:40 Fishbowl session
12:40 Wrap-up and outlook to next year 
13:00 Networking opportunity with Lunch snack
14:00 Closing of Day 2

Innovation and Networking Days 2019, Bonn Old City Hall ereignis

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