Montag, 21. Oktober 2019, Berlin, Green Entrepreneurship in Integrated Renewable Energy Management (GEIREM)

Von 21. Oktober 2019 - 10:00 Bis 17:00


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''Training for capacity building to design business models and how to use decision instruments which contribute to energy efficiency in economic diversification''

Course 1:

Green Entrepreneurship in the Nexus of ‘Renewable Energy-Smart Cities’

Course 2:

Green Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy in Across Product Supply Chain (Agricultural to Industrial Products Linkages)

Course 3:

Green Entrepreneurship in Zero-Waste through the Nexus of ‘Renewable/Alternative Energy-Waste Management’

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Background: The need for a sustainable energy supply is becoming more important with declining fossil energy resources, environmental pollution and climate change. The program in Entrepreneurship in Integrated Renewable Energy Management is essential due to growing demand of energy and to contribute to the promotion of renewable energy sources via a holistic renewable energy management concept.
 The profile of the program is PROBLEM-oriented, meaning that students and staff will be involved in dealing to explore the real problem-scenarios of the energy related topics. Thus, the aim is, next to providing the participants with an overview of the energy sector in general, to educate experts in the field of renewable energy management and sustainable development. This requires a diversification of their knowledge and leads to the capability of cross-linked thinking. The answer to complex environmental and energy related problems requires environmental, social, economic and managerial competencies more than classical technical knowledge.
 The program is developed in a way to provide participants a better understanding about the transition of energy landscapes, develop renewable energy management strategies by integrating:

Multiple energy sources and Energy saving strategies
Natural resource management strategies such as water and land,
Urban greening and Green-city strategies
Rural agricultural development strategies and
Capacity building strategies for climate change and environmental adaptation strategies.

The aim is to equip students with contemporary knowledge and management capacities of renewable energy through an interdisciplinary lens. Through this innovative, new, interdisciplinary program that focuses on hands-on learning and industry-based experiences with the valuable skills they need to shape the future of energy via exciting new career opportunities.
Course Aim & Output: Participants will apply an integrated approach to energy systems and technology choices and work as energy (project) experts and managers in public, private or civil society settings. The course provides engineers, architects, social scientists and natural scientists with additional subject-related knowhow dealing with appropriate renewable energy development and implementation, monitoring the conditions as well as with fundamental skills in resources management. The aim of the course is to impart knowledge concerning complex economic and technological aspects, taking into consideration social and ecological circumstances. In addition, students are also introduced to the methodological aspects, renewable energy project development and management principles. Students will become acquainted with and will learn how to develop business model (entrepreneurship) and how to use decision instruments which contribute to sustainable environmental, green-based energy efficient ecological and economic development.

Green Entrepreneurship in Integrated Renewable Energy Management (GEIREM) , Berlin ereignis

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