Samstag, 18. Januar 2020, egli bio Reform AG, Sugar Rehab Workshop at Egli Bio Zurich - Saturday 18 January 2020 (2-4PM)

Von 18. Januar 2020 - 14:00 Bis 16:00

egli bio Reform AG

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Are you often craving sugar? 
Do you feel out of control around sugar? 
Do you experience energy crashes during the day - especially after eating?

If this sounds familiar, this workshop is for you! 

Sugar is hidden everywhere and we are on a mission to help you identify where sugar is hidden in your daily food and drinks so you can make smarter choices to limit your sugar intake.

1 Teaspoon of sugar is NOT the issue - but the HUGE amount of sugar we are currently consuming contributes to many health issues.  

AWARENESS of (hidden) sugar - and the impact on your health - is the first step in making any changes in your lifestyle.

By sharing our knowledge and showing you the effect of too much sugar on our body, we wish you to soon enjoy the many benefits of less sugar in your life.

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This workshop has been a true eye opener for people around the world! We have held this workshop in Australia, Europe, and Asia! In January 2018, our workshop & program was also broadcasted on the Swiss national television (in German) in a 30-day challenge to ditch sugar with great results of the participants! They called it 'the most practical and simple health program that delivers sustainable results’.

Benefits of less (hidden) sugar:
- More energy
- Stronger immune system
- Mental clarity
- Better sleep
- Kickstart sustainable weight loss

In this workshop you will learn:
- The impact of (hidden) sugar on your health 
- Why you have sugar cravings 
- How to identify HIDDEN sugar in your diet
- How to successfully ditch your sugar cravings in 3 steps 

What is included in the price:
- 2 hour Workshop (incl. time for Q&A) with a nutritionist
- Sugar-free grocery shopping tour in Egli Bio (incl. 10% discount voucher & tasting delicious snacks)
- Lifetime access to the 10-day online Sugar Rehab program (worth 97 chf)
- 10-day Meal Plan and Snack Guide with yummy, easy recipes

Language: English
(the workshop & online program are also offered in German on the same day from 10:00 AM - NOON)

What other participants said: 
‘I am a medical doctor, who worked in a diabetes clinic and learned so much about how much hidden sugar is in my diet. I am absolutely shocked about how much sugar is hidden in a typical breakfast!’
‘Sabine and Marco have such great energy. They make scientific knowledge fun to learn.’
‘Thank you for this eye opener. A lot of very good and helpful information. You are very passionate, authentic, full of energy, and enthusiastic.'
‘Loved the practical examples and advice!’
‘Marco and Sabine are experts in nutrition and very professional to work with. I recommend them to everyone, who wants a healthier lifestyle.'

Places are limited. Sign up to experience the many benefits of less (hidden) sugar and meet others, who are on the same mission as you are!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Marco & Sabine from Puricious Health Coaching

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