Mittwoch, 02. Dezember 2020, STARTPLATZ, Traffic Generation | Workshop

Von 02. Dezember 2020 - 9:00 Bis 17:00


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Traffic Generation | Workshop

Goals for this Workshop

Showing your funnel to a million people 
Amplifying your content 1000x
Optimizing campaigns for conversions 
Overview of the major organic traffic channels
Overview of the major paid traffic channels 
Finding the first/next cash-flow positive campaign 

In this workshop, we’ll develop the traffic strategy that fits best to your product, budget, and skills. You can join with just an idea, a €25 consumer product or a €10k+ business service. I want you to come out of the workshop with a clear plan about where to spend your time and money to generate traffic that converts to leads and customers.
Image your traffic strategy like a recipe and the channels are your ingredients. The question is in which order and amount you need to mix them.

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As a baseline, we’ll add content marketing, but you have to decide if social media, SEO or email traffic is more important to you at the moment. This is what you focus on completely if you have significantly more time than money on your hand.
On top of your content, we’ll add paid traffic channels like facebook, google and native ads to boost it to thousands of people who have not seen it before. I’ll help you to find out which are best for your case and how I would plan your budget.
To finish it up, we’ll combine your content and channels in smart ways that support each other like retargeting tactics, lead nurturing and growing a following while you spent your time on content and your money on ads.

If this sounds interesting to you, grab one of the remaining tickets we have for this workshop or save yourself the six month bundle ticket and join us at STARTPLATZ, Im Mediapark 5, 50670 Cologne. Also, if you have any questions about this workshop, send me a message to or give a call at +49-1522-6389102.

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