Sonntag, 05. Juli 2020, Magiculum, HAMBURG Meaningful-Magic Club from CAMPUS MAGICO

Von 05. Juli 2020 - 10:00 Bis 20:00


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Group feedback sessions to show your work and improve it to fit your own your partners’ work too to understand what makes an act honest and personal.
On top of that Fernando will lecture in every session on topics that will relate to the work that we will be developing together.WHY
It’s time to see our Magic with new eyes.Art consists of taking decisions and to take the right ones we need different perspectives.WHO
Fernando Figueras will be hosting these sessions:
- Creator and director of Campus Magico      Private magic consultant and coach- Broad performing experience- International lecturerHOW
Meaningful Magic Club is focused on self-knowledge, self-discovery and self-criticism so you will carry this approach forever within you.
Intention, Creativity, Honesty. Those are the main pillars of this work to get a polished, pure and true vision of ourselves on and offstage… If this is what we are looking for, of course!WHEN
A full day session (10:00-19:30h).
Once every two months (one Sunday every two months)
Different locations in different cities around Germany and Denmark:
Hamburg, Nürnberg/Bamberg, Düsseldorf, Aarhus.
Ask for information on your nearest Meaningful Magic Club at


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10:00 Welcome - Coffee 10:30 1st Talk 11:30 Body awakening12:00 1st Feedback session13:30 Lunch break14:30 Group exercises15:30 2nd Feedback session17:00 2nd Talk17:30 3rd Feedback session19:00 Summarizing and closure
The price to attend a single session is 175€.If you sign for the whole six sessions of the year the price will be just 145€ per session

Campus Magico
Meaningful Magic ClubAre you sick and tired of always performing the same tricks, using the same methods with the same stories?
Have you ever felt there is more you can give?
Do you want to astonish your audiences while remaining loyal to academic magic, technical finesse, and yourself?Campus Magico’s Meaningful Magic Club is a shared think-tank focused on just one goal: developing each other! In a small group workshop of 10 to 15 people, the process is individual-based and the results are bespoke to you.
Your magic skill or experience does not matter; we focus on the passion and willpower that as a magic lover you bring to the table.  Coached by the team and other members, you define what you can accomplish. 
Work directly with Fernando Figueras, director of Campus Magico. An established professional magician, he has worked for years as an expert in developing meaningful magic in other performers and as a private consultant for some of the big names of European Magic Scene.
Campus Magico's practice consists of helping the artists analyse their own magic from a personal point of view. In order to achieve this, attendants will display their acts and routines to then be analyzed by the group and Fernando's fine-tuning eye. Promoting a broad perspective, the feedback will discover some of the valuable elements that we tend to overlook.
The goal is not to just polish a routine, trick, or act, but to transform the magician. You will become your greatest judge, brandishing personal criteria and accuracy. From Campus Magico onwards, you will take these skills to develop your whole repertoire and the way you create and perform.
If you aim for a polished, debugged, sincere, creative and professional magic this is your place.
With more than 7 hours per session of extensive work on the art of magic, you will go through an intense but exciting experience.
The club will be meeting one Sunday every two months, giving you time to internalise and apply what you have learnt.
You will amaze yourself when you see how much you have grown between sessions and how the scope of your understanding settles more and more.
We will start in January 2020.
There’s probably a Meaningful Magic circle somewhere around you. Drop us an email for more information and to know your nearest group!

HAMBURG Meaningful-Magic Club from CAMPUS MAGICO, Magiculum ereignis

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